Madden NFL Shows Us Eight From The AFC

The annual screenshotapalooza for the upcoming Madden commenced today with 42 images of the eight teams in the AFC East and West. That's the Jets, Patriots, Dolphins, Bills, Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs and, of course, the Raida organisation.

The overall team ratings for each division are:

AFC East New York Jets – 89 (4th overall) New England Patriots – 86 (8th overall) Miami Dolphins – 79 (17th overall) Buffalo Bills – 67 (31st overall)

AFC West San Diego Chargers – 85 (10th overall) Denver Broncos – 78 (19th overall) Kansas City Chiefs – 71 (27th overall) Oakland Raiders – 71 (27th overall)

Note that while technically the Raiders and Chiefs are tied, the Raiders are last by alphabetical order.

If your favourite team wasn't among these eight, hang tight. Next week we'll see the AFC North and the AFC South. The NFC follows that.


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