Man Punches Punching Arcade Game To Death

A Meridian, Idaho man has been charged with malicious injury to property after allegedly causing $US3000 to an arcade machine at a local bar by punching it. The goal of the game? To punch it as hard as you can.

According to witnesses, an intoxicated 30-year-old Dustin Gooden was playing a 'test-your-strength' arcade game at the bar around 2am Thursday night when he became enraged, taking out his frustrations on the cabinet's screen. He shattered the game's screen, cutting his hand and causing $US3000 in damage in the process.

This is why we don't put games that involve punching in places where copious amounts of alcohol are served.

Still, I suppose killing the punching game sort of equals winning, so good job, Mr Gooden.

Meridian Man Charged for Beating up a Video Game [Fox 12 Idaho] 0821


    Perhaps the game gave him the creampuff ranking?

    When I read the article, before following the link, I thought he punched the part meant to be punched too hard and broke it not the screen.

    They should GIVE him the $US3000 as reward for being the first to finally beat the game!

    Next he can be the first to finally "clock" the internet...

    Oh the humanity!

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