Man Vs Woman

The war of the sexes depicted in a fan-made fighting game, complete with S&M brawlers and kicks the groin.

Made with 2D Fighter Maker software, "Man vs Woman" has male character named "Chan" and a female character named "Mary" duke it out in the streets of Akihabara. Chan can slap and kick, while Mary can kick and grab his nards.

She says things like, "Man-killer!" or "It doesn't hurt, does it?" while unleashing her attacks. Her special move - pulling down Chan's underpants - causes him to cover himself in shame, which is a reaction that Japanese news site IT Media calls "somewhat cute" in an article published this week.

The PC game is priced at ¥700 ($9.40) and was released earlier this year, complete with a playable demo. Check out the game clip here. Warning, NSFW.

男対女 [Surpara Market via Kotaku Japan]


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