Marvel: Thor And Amaterasu Coming To Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

It's not only the recently revealed Chun-Li, Doctor Doom, Super-Skrull, and Devil May Cry's Trish who are joining the Marvel vs. Capcom fighting game fray. According to, two more characters apparently are.

The website for the venerated comic book publisher shows character art and in-game shots of both Thor and Okami's Amaterasu. Neither character have yet been officially confirmed.

But their appearance on seems somewhat official! This could just be an official screw-up.

MvC3 [Marvel Thanks, Aaron!]


    Amaterasu(from okami) in marvel vs capcom that is awesome. I doubt you can pause the screen and slice enemies though.

    whats the deal with okami being so big at the moment it was a ok game nothing to rave about bit of a stupid idea capcom clover studios isnt even around why couldnt they give viewtiful joe as much attention as there giving okami all of a sudden thor is awesome

      What do you mean all of a sudden?

      Thor has always been awesome!

        i forgot a full stop thor is awesome i meant for okami

    i think Skaar would of been a better choice then skrull father and son would be a cool idea

      I disagree. Skaar is too similar to Hulk to be worthwhile, IMHO. And Super Skrull is in both to appease those who really wanted Fantastic 4 characters, while only taking up one character space for all 4 abilities. As I assume he'd play at least a little differently to Hulk, he makes much more sense to be in.

        super skrull is a dull choice

    cool saw that thor was in the roster on wikipedia but now its official

    seriously cannot wait for this game....


    Yep, Ammy sold me. First day buy for me.

    Awesome. I wasn't particularly interested in this but to play as Thor hmmm.. probably going to be more fun than the upcoming movie game.

    "Whosoever holds this Joystick, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor."

    I dunno, I love my marvel and capcom but... it still looks a little, I dunno... dark? Someone's played with the contrast a little too much...

    It's official, I'm converting into Asgardian now.

    HAVE AT THEE!!!!!

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