Mass Effect 2 Enters The Lair Of The Shadow Broker

After Shepard died in the beginning of Mass Effect 2, his blue-skinned friend Liara T'Soni fought a desperate battle to recover his body from the mysterious Shadow Broker. Now it's time to settle the score.

Detailed in the Mass Effect 2 comic book series from Dark Horse, Liara went through hell to recover Commander Shepard's remains from the mysterious information broker known as the Shadow Broker, delivering them to Cerberus, where our hero was eventually reconstituted.

Now that the universe has been saved once again and Commander Shepard has recovered from that nasty death, he's teaming up with Liara once more in order to repay the Shadow Broker for its hospitality.

Specifics-wise, all we know is the DLC is "coming soon", but we do have these lovely screenshots to share with you.

It's great to see Liara back in action, isn't it?

Official Mass Effect Website [BioWare - Thanks Akomander!]


    ARGH! I waited for what I thought was all the DLC. Now I'm over halfway through my insanity run and along comes some seriously new DLC and I'm going to have to play through again.

    Can't wait.

    Oh no, me thinks Liara is going to be PISSED when she finds out about my Shepard and Jack...

    Liara, Jack. Jack, Liara... how awkward.

    In all seriousness though, it looks like this may finally be some DLC that works story wise after the end of the game. Can't wait for it!

    Anyone notice that the pistol in the first screenshot and assault rifle in the second dont look like any of the in game weapons or dlc weapons. Maybe new weapons too? AWESOME. Any chance of confirmation mike?

      The pistol is the M5 it was first revealed in a screenshot of Kasumi. There's also a Geth Shotgun on Shepard's shotgun slot in 2 of the screenshots.

        Yeah i noticed the shotgun too. But could u get the shotgun? and did you get the pistol in the kasumi dlc cause i only got the submachinegun?

          The pistol was revealed in a screenshot of Kasumi's DLC but it looks like we're getting it with this new DLC. Just like the Kestrel armor from Overlord screenshots.

    Damn damn damn damn. Just when I thought I wouldn't be playing ME2 again for at least 6 mths. :P

    I've been hanging out to give ME2 another playthrough but need some wink or nod from Bioware that all the DLC is complete first...

    Unlimited love Bioware for your awesome DLC so far for ME2. The Firewalker stuff was great, even the moderately 'useless' stuff like the costumes were cheaply priced, it was great to have free DLC as well at first. The newer stuff being priced fairly too. Absolute love. And damn, this looks good. This is how you do DLC!

    Read the comics, liked them enough so i have high expectations for this DLC. Hope the identity of the broker is revealed!

    According to this article, Shepard underwent a sex change at some point!
    (I did a double while reading this, after 3 playthroughs I had convinced myself that only female Shepard exists).

    Argh! either i wait for this or get the dead rising 2 prequeal. hard choices... i may have to get both- anyone got any hints on cheap places to buy Microsoft points in melbourne?

    I'm really looking forward to this.

    I think that the Shadow Broker will be in ME3 though, so I'd say we'll just get to blow up his base.

    YAY for f**king spoilers

      Hear, hear - ease up on the spoilers in the by-line, yeesh!

        What spoiler??? It's what the DLC is about! The spoiler would be if they gave away what HAPPENED in the DLC.

          The title of the DLC is "Lair of the Shadow Broker".

          I think they meant the reference to the opening cinematic of ME2, rather than anything to do with the DLC.

    Noooo I hope they don't catch him. I want it to pay a vital role in Mass Effect 3.

    It makes sense, the trilogy of Sheppard coming to an end. Shadow Broker was brought to life in the first only to be forgotten until his mention in ME2 where you feel the need to help Liara hunt him down. It deserves more of just a DLC release that not everyone will play.

    im glad to see there is even more decent content being released.
    i have touched any content since i finished my insanity run. only played through the one available on launch.
    im saving them all up till there is a good 10 hours or so of extra content, then i can play them all at once.
    i think with the release of this i'll be at that point.

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