Mass Effect Cosplay: A New Challenger Enters

Less than 24 hours after posting the Mass Effect Comic-Con cosplay clip, we already have a serious competitor for the title of "Best Mass Effect Cosplay In The Universe".

Evil FX, a freelance special effects artist, is currently building two Commander Shepard suits, one male, one female. And while they're unfinished, they're already displaying a level of authenticity and build quality that wouldn't look out of place in a Mass Effect movie.

You can see the male version up top, while the female one is below. Man, it even looks somewhat comfortable...



    I'm Commander Shepard, and that is the worst actress to wear my armor in the galaxy.

      I'M Commander Shepherd and this is my favorite comment on the forum.

        I'm the real Commander Shepherd, and I completely agree with these guys.

        I'm Commander Shepherd and that model would be the one best suited to play Tali in the galaxy

        I'm Commander Shepherd, and this is my favourite website in the Citadel.

        If it came with a helmet . . . .

    Not a challenger until they make a Krogan :)

    Who let their mum into their N7 suit?

      i only get mums out of their N7 suit so im not sure

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