Massage Ladies With Your Wii In August

Come August 9, North American Wii owners can no longer complain that their console lacks a game that involves rubbing a topless woman's back, when Microforum Ltd's Enjoy Your Massage finally hits WiiWare.

We've written about the Enjoy Your Massage massage simulator before, but now we get a chance to see it in action.

You play the apprentice masseur of Giselle's beauty farm. Using your Wii remote and nunchuck to perform relaxing massage combinations, you help a group of female customers relax. Whether you lose your job or get promoted depends on how well you perform.

Yes it sounds like a "Dear Penthouse" letter, but its rated Everyone 10+, so don't expect a happy ending. What you can expect is a little emotional involvement.

Enjoy your massage! has been created with the cooperation of a team of psychologists: a special mix of slow breath-rythmical animations and harmonic sound relaxes the player and enhances his emotional involvement.

Right. The silly girl rubbing game will hit WiiWare on August 9.


    Good Lord, there really IS no reason to leave the house and interact with physical beings. All we need now is a Sims style game where the player can return home drunk and beat his wife.

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