Medal Of Honor Beta Extended


    Too bad the server browser is broken beyond belief and even if there are AU servers, it is impossible to find them.

      Absolutely, puts me off playing because i need to spend my time trudging through the broken lists...

      Not very fun.

    Absolutely ridiculous. Something tells me that MoH on PS3 will get map packs one month before Xbox does.

      no offense but are you really gonna complain that the 360 isnt getting the extra beta time and whatnot it would be what one of the few games that actually does such a thing

      might actually download the beta on the PC since its been extended and i finally got my key from BC2

      You're kidding right?

      I own both consoles but the 360 consistently gets multiplatform DLC timed exclusives, and big ones too (GTAIV and COD for example). The tables turn and xbox only owners are all confused.

      It's hilarious.

        No. I was actually quite interested in this game, and it pisses me off that I have no access to the BETA, so I can't judge the game for myself.

        DICE said the BETA for Xbox was delayed for a week... a month ago. Yes, it's all very hilarious.

          Ahh BETAs are not for you to try and out and be like, "Nah, I don't want this game!"

          Beta's are used to FIX the game of any bugs and glitches to ensure when it ships, it's playable.

          A 'DEMO' is probably what you are looking for.

    did even know this was happening on ps3 or pc?

    anyone have a spare beta code for ps3 so i can try out?

    thanks haha

      meant to say "didnt even know this was happening?"

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