Medal Of Honor Developers Now Known As Danger Close? [Update]

We thought the new Medal of Honor from EA was being developed by EA's LA studio and EA's DICE team in Sweden. Not quite.

Medal of Honor is being made by Danger Close Games, according to the new EA site linked here. New name for EA LA?

UPDATE: We've got the confirmation, via an official statement that this is a rebranding of the team at EA LA that has been working on the single-player portion of the new Medal of Honor:

Today, EA Los Angeles announced the creation of a new studio, Danger Close; a name inspired by real world military terminology that initiates a call for fire to indicate that friendly forces are within close proximity of the target (usually 600m). It's the decision to take a chance directly with an enemy, rather than sit back and call in the airstrikes/artillery from a safe distance.

"Medal of Honor is the first game to fall under the Danger Close studio. And because the term "Danger Close" is all about is about pushing the boundaries, it's the perfect fit for Medal of Honor given the team's decision to take on a story that is both controversial and one that needs to be told."

Danger Close Games official website [Thanks Zack!]


    Pushing bounderies eh?
    You mean by using BF:BC2 as a template for their game(and using all of their character animation)...or by digging up an 11 year relic...

      its hardly a relic its still had games come out the most recent was in 2008 i believe

      better than pimping the franchise

      As for the BC2 thing there the same engine, do you really need different movement animations

      be nice if EA would stop releasing beta betas tho , hopefully MoH wont have a broken launch like bc2

      Kinda like Nintendo constantly pushing the boundaries with all their rehashed games...

    Medal of honor is just trying to be Bad Company 2 but on smaller maps and with faster gameplay, which is fine if they optimise controls for fast gameplay (for consoles in particular), so that they aren't clunky up close

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