Meet Starcraft II's Developers At Select Midnight Openings

For the launch of Starcraft II, Blizzard and publishers Activision are going all out, flying the development team around the world to attend midnight openings across Europe and North America.

Events will be held in London, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Moscow and Orange County, with prizes to be given away at each along with the chance to meet some of the development team that worked on the game.

In London, for example, lead software engineer Carl Chimes will be on-hand to chat with attendees, while lead technical artist Rob McNaughton will be in Berlin and the Fountain Valley, Orange County opening at the local Fry's store will feature "members of the Starcraft II development team and other Blizzard employees".

If you can't make one of the special events, plenty of regular stores around the world will be open at midnight as well. Though instead of Blizzard employees, at these, all you'll find are... Gamestop employees. Tired Gamestop employees.

Kotaku AU Note: There are plenty of midnight launches happening around Australia, too. See here for more details.

For the full details on which stores are open, when they're open and what's going on, visit Blizzard's launch site below.

Starcraft II Launch [Blizzard]


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