Meet The, Uh... Face Of Mafia II In Australia

Meet Gold Coast born Sheridyn Fisher, Playboy bunny and official ambassador for 2K's Mafia II.


    What are the odds that she has actually played the game?

      Well I hardly think they're going to hire her solely based on her looks, right??8??!?

      I'd rather know what she really looks like, she's been photoshopped to oblivion

        Her left shoulder/arm looks wrong....

        This looks shoped I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time

        Well she is a *Playboy* bunny, they've been photoshopping or filtering (pre PS) their pictures for decades.

      Odds are probably at 1000000000000000000000000000 to 1.

      oh she's probably played loads of games...just none that require 2 analog sticks and a lot of buttons...

        what are you talking about, i bet she's played tons of games that require multiple "analog sticks"

    Dave, you've just made my day.

    I'll have too google her to get some background info...

    *clicks image search on Google*


    haha i have seen Sheridyn promote A LOT of stuff being in the "extreme sports" industry - but damn this is a new one for her..

    But i must say... it REALLy shouldn't be her promoting it.. she's just another blonde.. and i don't really think her stuff is all that great... they shuold have made it Ashlee Adams.. not only is she an absolute babe with a lil bit of a geeky side, she also has "Zombie Killer" tattooed on her legs along with many final fantasy 7 chars on her arms..

    ...oh wait yeh.. now i see why they probably didn't use her... but still.... damnnn... lol

      I'll just add that i REALLY don't care much for Sheridyn.. lol

      I don't know how this girl is going to appeal to gamers in relation to sales promotion...

      If you've seen one vacant Playboy bunny - you've seen them all...

    This pic is just asking for someone to photoshop it

    Anyone got suggestions?

    And dont say what we are all thinking

      ok... because you ask for it.. clear proof that shez is a gamer like the rest of us..

      pardon the sloppy 'shop - i did it in literally 2 minutes including image search time as i should really be working :P

    BTW David, I’ve heard media get a special edition of this game delivered right to their bed via severed horse head. So don’t be alarmed if you wake up next to the face of black beauty.

    she would enjoy my analog stick more then those small ones

    I think I saw this chick in a RALPH magazine once.

    When the magazine was still around....

    Is it just me, or does she look like that Natalie Basingthwaitetaiteite person but about 50 times less scary? Surely, a scary trophy wife would be a better face for Mafia..

    This image does wonders for what most people think of when they hear gamer. Lonely, horny, loser geek frothing over a photo like this. I would much rather see a Chopper Reed type character promoting the game.

    So XBox is the Tits, and PS3 is the Ass?

      Heh I have an idea where she's hiding the wiimote...

      It left me thinking what the PC was then in relation to your analogy...

      P = ?
      C = ?

      I wonder?

      I was thinking
      P = Phalanges
      C = Cranium

      What were you thinking about?

    it lacks a bit of effort, surely they should have had her recreating the image on the shirt or something

    And the non-Bi or Lesbian girl gamers roll their eyes at the lazy marketing...

    This is insulting. I am now *less* likely to buy Mafia II.

    What I'm wondering is what the "publicity stunts we fell for" tag is all about?

    I don't find this insulting as much I find it lazy and uninteresting. Time get new staff for the creativity department!

    Actually, if they were that insistent on having an attractive girl as the ambassador, they could have at least dressed her in a way that reflects the themed in Mafia II. Perhaps come up with a persona or something as opposed to just "Playboy bunny".

    Wow. Tacky.

    I remember reading somewhere that Mafia 2 has playboy magazine collectables in the game, and Sheriden is the face of playboy in australia. Seems like a fair enough deal to me.
    Do you know what they are using her for Dave?

    Sheridyn is a beautiful person inside & out
    she's also very smart & loves her games & movies
    how dare some of you come up with these rude comments just by looking at her picture! thats called Stereotyping. i've had the pleasure of meeting Sheridyn & her career has taken off & soared! due to her being passionate & interested in any work/promoting she does. GO SHERIDYN! she's doing a fine job
    leave her alone

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