Metal Gear Solid Creator Poses With Cosplayers

Hideo Kojima, best known for making Metal Gear Solid games, is in France for the Japan Expo. He is posing with cosplayers, and pointing a plastic guy at one guy's face.

Don't point guns at people, kids!

This cosplay of MGS character Raiden doesn't just get the thumbs up from Hideo Kojima, it gets the thumbs up from all of us.

b(^ ^)

Kojima_Hideo's Images [yfrog]


    "pointing a plastic guy at one guy's face"

    You mean gun right?

    Ah, the infamous Ken Doll stick up routine. Very effective.

    Nice cosplay.

    WoW Kojima looks so excited!

    That guy in the background of the first pic - which I believe is Revolver Ocelot circa Operation: Snake Eater - seems pretty devastated that Kojima isn't taking a photo with him.

    Personally I'm digging the grandmother dressed up as the human blur, so fast you can't see her clearly.

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