Metroid: Other M Starts A Lot Like 2001 Finishes

Nintendo think that Metroid: Other M, being developed by Team Ninja, is the most cinematic Metroid game ever developed. We can't argue otherwise on the strength of trailers like this.

It's a short cinematic sequence from the opening of the game, showing the "birth of Samus". Long-time fans may baulk at the extra flesh Team Ninja is adding to the normally sparse Metroid universe, but I'm intrigued. Team Ninja is a new developer to the series, and if they want to try something different, more power to them.

UPDATE: And here's some gameplay!

[Official Nintendo Magazine]


    Still trying to get over the lesbian haircut.

    This just became a must buy for me.

    Hmm... I'm starting to have my doubts now. While I grew up controlling games with the D-pad I don't like the idea of trying to control a character in a full-3D environment with one, it lack precision. It also looks like the camera is too close in, which makes it too easy to be running down a corridor only to plough into an enemy almost before you see it- as we saw happen in the preview.

    If you're going to take Samus back to 2D, good for you. But don't change your mind half way through and make it a 3D 3rd-person adventure instead, because it doesn't entirely look like it's working.

    Even the music in the Samus' birth scene is similar to the music used in the Stargate sequence of 2001.

    I'm now a bit more intrigued...

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