Metroid: Other M Trailer Goes Shooting, Gets Chatty

This is a "story" trailer for Metroid: Other M, the upcoming franchise reboot from Team Ninja. You won't get much story out of it if you don't speak Japanese, but it's still awfully pretty to look at.

Highlights include a David Beckham cameo at 55 seconds, as well as an absolute wealth of gameplay footage, both from the game's platforming point of view as well as its first-person shots.


    James Pierce is Beckham? Looking good although nowhere near the polish of Retro Studio's trilogy

      Prime 3 will always look amazing for what they did on the Wii. Graphically I think it holds it own against it and the gameplay - if it works - is just going to be insanely fun.

    Aaarrrggghhh!!! I want this so bad. The side-rolls and boost jumps look wicked and the cut scenes are awesome. Is the release date still end of September?

    Wasn't the release date the end of August?

    Hahaha. Beckham in a Nintendo game. :D

    *Convulses into heap on floor, starts twitching*

    Lyle Smithsonian... I get the feeling we've got ourselfs the next big Nintendo character right there.

    Doubts still there, but trying to remain optimistic.

    I can't say it looks like a good Metroid game, but it may be a good game in its own right. It helps to remember that we all through Metroid Prime was going to be rubbish because it was an FPS not a 2D platformer, but it was brilliant because it retained the FEEL and the open-world depth of Metroid.

    Unfortunately, that's exactly where I'm concerned that this game is lacking. It looks like it has too much of a linear, cutscene and action setpiece-heavy, story-based design which simply isn't Metroid.

    I don't speak Japanese but all I could imagine was that Beckham looking character using his awesome boot to kick Samus while she's in the Morph Ball and create an awesome curve to defeat some enemies...!

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