Michael Jordan Video Game Cover Debuts, Cribs Ali's Nickname

Here is Michael Jordan on the cover of this spring's NBA 2K11. Cool image, a long time coming, but isn't Muhammad Ali "the greatest of all time"?



    That's the best photo they could come up with? There are some absolutely stellar dunking photos featuring MJ.

    yeah jordan dunking would be schmexy

    PS3 covers are just stupid! Seriously...
    Although this shot doesn't do much for his shoes,but MJ was known for his shows and the Nike endorsement and they can't even shoe his SHOES!

    But yeah they could have shown a dunk,something he was known for aswell!

    If you wanna get more technical, Don Bradman anyone? I don't think anyone is even CLOSE to his scoring average or every WILL beat it, especially in basketball.

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