MLB 2K10 Resolves Server Problems; All-Star Achievement Still Available For Today

2K Sports says it's resolved freezes and server outages in MLB 2K10, which came as gamers went to collect a rare Achievement/Trophy timed to the All-Star Game. Users still have until the end of today to pick that up.

The publisher says the server outage beginning the mess was not related to any rush caused by achievement hunting; late Sunday, administrators noticed a slowdown that by Monday morning had them "at a near unresponsive level". Their only choice was to reboot the servers, closing down online play for the duration.

Unfortunately, a corrupted Living Rosters file was crashing MLB 2K10 at its loading screen as late as midnight Wednesday. Some were able to go online Tuesday morning, play the All-Star Game with the 2009 rosters, and collect the achievement, but accessibility remained spotty throughout the day.

This morning, 2K Community Manager Ronnie Singh posted a workaround to the roster file corruption, then followed up to say that the issue "will correct itself by tomorrow at the latest", for everyone. I was able to play the game fine this morning, with the 2010 All-Star Game rosters.

The bottom line, though, you still have until midnight to pick up "Midsummer Classic", which delivers 40 Gamerscore or a Silver PSN trophy for playing the All-Star Game start-to-finish in MLB Today, which serves the accurate schedule and lineups of Major League Baseball games for that day. The big leagues are off today and resume play tomorrow, which will push this game off the list of ones available for play.


    this news means jack for us down here seeing 2k never released a PAL version. Dickwads (2k, that is.)

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