ModNation Racers Gets More 'Casual' With Less Aggressive Update

United Front Games will make playing its DIY kart racer ModNation Racers a little easier with its next update. The PS3 game is getting a less-challenging career mode option, according to the


    Modnation is challenging?
    I've done a good couple of races and apart from doing them over a few times to 100% complete them, I haven't found anything especially hard..

    I don’t get the point of playing on easy mode at all. You get so much more out of a game if it actually challenges you. If you can’t finish it yet, then you’re not supposed to finish it. Get better at the game, don’t let the game get easier.

      Maybe just not everyone's like you?

      Maybe you enjoy being challenged? Maybe you feel your time is well-spent practising difficult parts of games over and over again until you can beat them?

      That's great, but why should everyone else be the same?

      Is it so hard to understand that some people might want to have a really relaxing time playing games? Or that they just want to be able to explore and enjoy the content of the games they've purchased?

      Ideally, games should cater to all levels of difficulty. Then no-one has any cause for complaint, surely?

        No, everyone is like me

    To all those people complaining about the difficulty, any race i couldn't beat on first go took me a couple goes to suss out the track and pickups etc, and i usually won by my 3rd or 4th go.

    IMO, it is perfect

    At least its not like mario kart on the highest CC rating...memories of red,then green, then blue shell right near the finish still annoys me

    a sign of the times perhaps?

      It's a doubled edged sword.
      Too hard, and people dont want to play it, too easy and people think its boring.
      Its been like that for awhile.

      These days, the only challenging/hard games only come out far and few between.

    There are kids out there who appreciate this update coming along.

    Me? I'm just here for the DLC.

    I have been wanting to pick this up for a while now, I just can't seem to find it in any stores. Does anyone know if the loading time issues are fixed yet?

    Well this game is pretty awesome by I'm sorry, find a patch for them rediculous loading screens. I moved on to Split Second which looks a bazzilliion times better and it's loading screens are the quickest I've seen in ages. Sorry but you drop the ball on this one, the quality of this game isnt worth waiting on them loading screens. It's supposed to be fun, not tiresome.

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