Monday Night Combat's Sniper Is More Of A Team Player

If by team player, you mean giving orders in jargon no one understands or follows. Not a loner by any stretch, Monday Night Combat's sniper class has a bag full of goodies making him indispensable to the action.

You get freeze traps, a "flak" skill and an SMG (which, apparently, you may throw at your opponents as a last resort) in addition to the high-powered boom. Uber Entertainment has more details, plus strategy, at this blog posting.

Additionally, you might notice fake sponsors throughout MNC's arena. These sponsors actually give each class perks and abilities that can be customised. You can check out the full list of them here. The game is out August 11 for 1200 Microsoft Points.

Sniper Scouting Report [Monday Night Combat Blog]


    A sniper with an SMG who speaks in an odd dialect. How very original.

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