Monster Hunter Clone Or Not, There Will Be More God Eater

Namco Bandai's God Eater might look like Capcom's monster hunting series Monster Hunter. That doesn't matter. The game is popular, and thus, Namco Bandai is making another one.

God Eater Burst will be coming to the PSP this fall in Japan and feature new characters and a new story. According to Japanese magazine Famitsu, it is less of a straight-up sequel and more of a super evolved version. (Not sure what that means!)

The game's graphics get a polishing and apparently will look better than in the original PSP title. But will it still look like Monster Hunter?

The original God Eater game will arrive in North America later this year.


    Judging from Monster Hunter Games, God Eater Burst will be like Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was to Monster Hunter Freedom 2. It will probably have the same game included in both, but the sequel gets extra content to satisfy the Hardcore players who already beat the first one and the original game to allow new players to reach that new content.

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