More LEGO Universe Trailers Than You Can Throw A 4x2 Brick At

Warner Bros. has today released not one, not two, but three new trailers for upcoming MMO LEGO Universe.

The one above is a charming piece. And while half of it is blown on the world's nicest LEGO fan, the other half is a nice guided tour of some of the games' fundamentals. If it's 100% hardcore gameplay footage you're after, however, you might want to try the two vids below.

I know it looks like just another MMO with LEGO guys, but... an MMO with LEGO guys? That's the kind of MMO a man who likes LEGO can get behind.


    In the first vid, at 0:49, is that a level 3 sentry from Team Fortress 2 in the background? :P

    Have been playing the Beta for a while now, and its all good.

    eek. turned me off pretty bad.

    Basically what i want is a persistant garys mod.

    if someone wants to find and build a 200 foot Lego raptor then let him build it and program it and unleash hell on everyone around him. that's what i want.

    this looks like you can't build anything. or it's just like drawn to life, you build stuff but that item has a prebuilt purpose.

    color me disappointed.

    Bearing in mind that this game is designed for both kids and adults, they've done a bloody good job really. The beta is fun, but a bit tedious after 3 character wipes.

    No word on this becoming available in Australia?

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