Mortal Kombat: 3D Tech For 2D Gameplay

Mortal Kombat: 3D Tech For 2D Gameplay

Mortal Kombat: 3D Tech For 2D GameplayFor decades, developers have been figuring out how to make their 2D images look 3D. But when the new Mortal Kombat arrives, PS3 owners may experience the series’ return to its 2D roots, supported with genuine 3D tech.

Ed Boon, co-creator of the franchise, recently told Eurogamer TV that “We’ve been working on stereoscopic 3D, getting the game to work with the layers that makes 3D look so great, and so far the video that we’ve gotten is really impressive.”

Introducing 3D technology will require double the framerate of what is already a faster paced version of the Mortal Kombat series. With more speed, more intricate combos, and a robust online system, MK9 may well be the first of its kind to be taken seriously amongst competitive circles.

While the entire game will be presented in 2D, everything will be rendered in 3D – from the more obvious elements necessary for combat, to the more trivial things, such as warriors taking on a beast in the background.

Mortal Kombat: 3D Tech For 2D Gameplay

In addition to that strain on hardware, Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick recently told us that one of the larger challenges has been “trying to model the entire body inside as well as the tag team feature.”

MK9’s most powerful move, the X-ray attack, shows the internal damage being done during a brutal combo. With unique insides for characters (Reptile, Sektor), additional players in tag-team mode, and the X-ray attack able to be pulled off whenever enough power is available, a lot needs to be ready to go at any time.

“Our guys have done a lot of amazing tricks with loading and swapping back and forth, and tricks with the memory that I couldn’t possibly explain,” says Himmerick.

So with MK9 doing so much new already, why the decision to introduce 3D technology mid-development, and how much could it really benefit a 2D game? Continuing his interview with Eurogamer TV, Boon says “It’s a lot more immersive. You really feel like you’re inside the fight more. With our fighting we have a lot more of a 2D fighting field, but the 3D visuals really complements that a lot.”

Mortal Kombat 9 will be out on PS3 and 360 in 2011, but NetherRealm Studios is only working on 3D for the PS3 version. What do you think – should this feature be a high priority? With computer-generated graphics manipulating the layers, 3D gaming can be more impressive than 3D TV.

But having seen Mortal Kombat 9 played, gameplay rarely interacts with the foreground or background, aside from fatalities, or kicking downed players into the background in a tag-team match. How much of a good thing can this be?


  • I really rate 3D and don’t understand why everyone is slamming it. I think that if it is done well it will change gaming, and I can’t wait.

  • I also agreed that 3d could not work, that is until I actually purchased a new 3d tv and tried 3d gaming. I’m not going to say anything other than play it then comment, I’m blown away with how good it is, IMMERSION is the best best word to sum it up

  • Look at all these hater dissing 3d.
    I bet you guys are the same tools who diss the relevant of HD over SD etc

    • I only updated to HD because I couldn’t read the damn text on next gen games. Not because I felt it enhanced the games in any way.
      I just like to play, I used to own small mono TVs and was quite content.

  • It’s only up to Mortal Kombat 9? I thought we where around 15 or so. And nobody better mention Street Fighter which by all logic should be up 400 instead of 4.

  • I hope they don’t aim to make it competitive. That’s not what MK is about, hell that’s not what computer games are about. Competitive games make for poor casual experiences compared with casual games designed for great casual experiences.

    As long as the fatalities look awesome this will be another hit in the franchise.

  • 3D game is going to be unreal. I have a 3D tv and GT5 is just unreal on it. I think now I have finally found something that I will use my TV for movies boring. 3D gaming bring it on, it is going to change the way. So I think it is a major priority for MK9, they need to lead the way and this is the way to start.

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