My, Professor Layton, What A Lovely Big Box You Have

The Professor Layton animated film, which by all accounts is rather good, will be getting its first official Western release in the United Kingdom. And what a release it is!

The movie is being released on both Blu-Ray and DVD, and while those will be available separately, you can also get this fancy edition where both versions come in the same box, along with a bonus disc and the film's storyboards in a nice book.

Amazon is selling it for £38, which if you're interested in importing is USD$58. Be warned, though, the Blu-Ray will be region 2 (Europe), and as such won't work on a lot of American's Blu-Ray players.

It'll be released on October 4.

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    I don;t get why people would want to buy the Blu-Ray and DVD of something at the same time...

      I guess just for special editions, you don't really want to be making two variations of it despite being the same thing?

      Either that or there's a market for people who set up the DVD player and Blu-Ray/PS3 side by side and want to experience double the Professor Layton, which I was actually just joking about before but now that I think about it, it would be super awesome, because you can never get enough Professor Layton.

        It's a decent idea with combo BD/DVD editions of movies. BD for home use, DVD for portable dvd player/in car dvd player for the kids etc

      It's the Disney approach to getting consumers to buy Blu Rays. These packs are usually very comparable in price to a stand alone DVD release, and come with a future proof format. Many people would use the blu ray in their living room while the kids get to use the DVD in the car/non-living room tv sets

      Disney do this with most of their Blu-rays. I'm not sure on their reasoning but I assume it's because most people only have 1 Blu-ray player and, usually, a few cheap DVD players. So, kids can watch the movie on the big screen in hi-def sometimes and others, thay can watch the movie in their room on their DVD player.

      Because they might only have a blu ray player in their family room and want to watch it in the bedroom, or they might want to take it to a friend's house who does not have a blu ray player, it goes on

    Surely you mean the DVD will be region 2? Blu-rays have their own (oft ignored) region system so I assume that the region will be either A or ABC for the Blu-ray.

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