NBA Jam Dunking PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360?

EA Sports' revival of arcade classic NBA Jam may have been pitched as a Wii "exclusive", but Nintendo's console might not be the only one to get the over the top basketball game.

Germany's ratings board, the UnterhaltungssoftwareSelbstkontrolle, has just approved EA's new NBA Jam for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, two platforms for which the game was not announced. I know. Shocking. Who would have ever seen it coming?

The rating, which went into effect yesterday, was spotted by Gamerbytes, and is likely good news for NBA Jam fans hoping to play some 2 on 2 hoops with higher definition.

We've reached out to EA Sports for clarification on the matter, but here's what the USK has to say.

NBA Jam [ via Gamerbytes]


    Yeeeeeeow! I was hoping this was going to happen. NBA Jam is such an awesome game. Back in the day I would get 4 mates around and order pizza and play this all night.

      So, you didn't play? ;)

    The rumours were strong when it was first announced, I am happy to have not worried about the Wii version.

    Can't wait til it pops up on PS3!

    Awesome - i was hoping this would happen - i'd much rather play this on my 360 than my Wii :D

    Can't wait for it to be released! I haven't been this excited for the release of a sports game since... well ever..

    Can't wait for this!
    Will grab it on PS3 rather than Wii.

    Wonder if it will be a PSN download or a full retail disk?

    It's EA for crying out loud. Of COURSE it was always going to come to 360 and PS3. Expect to see it on iPhone, too.

    So happy right now :)

    He's on FIIIIIYERRRRR! etc etc

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