New Bayonetta Figure Captures The Essence Of Bayonetta

Yeah, we've seen our share of Bayonetta figures before. Thing is, there was always something wrong with them. Big heads, small heads, always something not quite right. This custom piece gets things right.

It's due to make an appearance at Wonder Festival 2010 Summer in Japan next week.

Get a look at that pose! Flexible, to the point of approaching vulgar, yet maintaining a semblance of dignity and style in the doing. That's Bayonetta for you!

New Bayonetta garage kit emerges [Tomopop]


    Are those regular heels instead of her gunboots?

      Well she does were regular heels for a really short time at the begining, but still that's kind of bugging me now you poitned it out.

        If my memory serves, shes doesn't wear regular heels after getting the Scarbourough Fair, she only has regular ones before that in the 'intro' level.

      Who's looking at her shoes anyway?

      Yep I spotted the same thing - she's missing two Scarbourough Fair!

    I have written a new Haiku for this figurine. 5-7-5. (I've never done a haiku before, it might be slightly wrong, but I think the message is clear.)

    Massive vagina.

    Boobs as well. Girl's face. Guns and shoes.

    Massive vagina.

      Didn't even get the syllables right, doh! Make it "Huge boobs".

    lol, she looks lie a crab!! =D

    I've been waiting for a decent bayonetta figure. Hopefully the paint job will be decent on this one.

    she's still pregnant. those wide hips aren't fooling anyone sweetheart.

      Ummm what does wide hips have to do with being pregnant? Ive got wide hips and never had a kid your logic confuses me... I believe the term is "child bearing" hips

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