New Gritty Gears Of War Screens Detail Rookie Carmine


    Damn it. I liked the other Carmines because they weren't giant musclemen.

      I think having your brothers die over the course of a year or so can change a man. Maybe hes here to kick ass and take names :)

    Screenshot 2 and 3. . .
    Are they the same guy?
    Looks like Carmine in Screenshot 2, but in 3 he looks far too big and bad-ass to be a Carmine brother. . . unless hes the black sheep of the family. I mean, hes holding the Locust up by the throat. Hes bigger than a Locust.

    the whole thing that made carmine great was that he was so tiny, and had to wear a helmet.

    Having this carmine look like he could easily pick up a tank is crappy.

    Love it. I bet he still die's tho. :)

    Sweet, another pointless death incoming, can't wait for multiplayer, I can kill 3 carmines in 1 match. Weren't there 4 carmine brothers though? Maybe we'll get 2 carmines for the price of one

      maybe saying theres 4 is a joke between them cauase hes twice the size of the other two.

    I'm 90% sure that the second screenshot down is from gears 2

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