New Infamous 2 Gameplay Is Over Over The Top

Sucker Punch will apparently not be supporting subtlety in inFamous 2, the PlayStation 3 sequel to its lightning charged superhero/anti-hero game. Instead, inFamous 2 makes way for more explosions, more limo chases and even more in-powerline-skating. Enjoy.


    Do want, but that definitely isn't the Cole I remember. *confused.*

    who the hell is that metro wuss? where is cole?

    Cole Drake, Nathan Cole or just generic white male action character v31209Z?

    wow, what a horrible voice he has.

    Hey, as long as the character is well developed, i don't mind the change

    If not, i'll add one more voice to the "I want old cole" choir.

    I think, until the game has been released, it's not something that we can judge

    I like this immensely.

    do. not. like. cole's. new. voice

      More importantly, Cole had a shaved head. This guy, if it is Cole, does not.
      Which begs the question, if you're messing with electricity, ain't your hair gonna go all Einsteiny?
      Which also begs the question "Dude it's a videogame, the guy shooting electricity in the first place isn't exactly realistic is it?"
      But STILL!

    Ahhh since when was Cole such a unforgettable character. Pretty basic to me - in inFamous and by the looks of this aswell.

    Seems like you have to do everything precisely. What's the fun in that?

    you know what really stands otu to be here, the game has awesome camera angles, this is something that so many games lack but it adds so much.

    But where's Prototype 2?

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