New Mass Effect 2 DLC Available

For $US2, you can get the latest Mass Effect DLC - the Aegis Pack - which includes a new sniper rifle and new set of armour.


    Sheesh! I can barely contain my excitement at this...

    This is Horse Armour all over again.

      Sad, but true. Milking a player base post-release for more cash has become kind of a standard for games.

    Okay Bioware...

    2 DLC packs for ME1 was a bit of a joke, and you seem to have learned a lesson from it.

    But you learnt the wrong one

    Bunch of Small, Shit DLC =/= Better.

    There better be something like DA:O Awakening in the works for ME2, otherwise Im tempted to trade it after I muddle my way through an insanity playthrough

      Sorry for the double reply.

      I've heard some well-sourced rumours that a large Awakening-esque expansion for ME2 is well underway and will be announced relatively soon. Hopefully it provides better value than an avalanche of tiny weapon and mission packs.

    I think they have quite a good mix of small and medium DLC. I enjoyed the overlord and kasumi DLC and felt it was good value for money. If people want to pay a couple of dollars for new weapons to give more variety to their replays then let them. It's not for most of us but I think the value for money is good.

    Borderlands and Dragon Age Origins are the standouts in terms of DLC in my mind. Borderlands gave large scale DLC and also some new interesting gametypes while Dragon Age is pure quality.

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