New Space Marine Unit Found In StarCraft II

Kotakuite Harejordna was exploring the Zero Hour level in StarCraft II when he stumbled across a decidedly different sort of Space Marine. Find out how to spot this elusive creature before his portable toilet blasts off. Spoilers ahead!

If you'd rather find all of StarCraft II's easter eggs on your own, now would be a great time to stop reading this post. Go play StarCraft II or collate those reports you've been meaning to collate.

Finished collating? Fine, here we go!

In the top-left corner of the Zero Hour map, after clearing out a particularly nasty Zerg infestation, you'll come across this little guy:

It's a Level 80 Tauren Space Marine!

Now don't get too close, our you'll spook him, causing him to run into his escape pod/outhouse.

Click on that outhouse three times and this happens:

Where's the beef? You just shot it into space. Good job.


    This is from the blizz april fools joke, old news =P they left the assets in

    I mentioned that in the comments when you reported the diablo character

    hahaha thats so awesome

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