Next Hitman Coming In 2011?

This looks to be our first glimpse of the next game in the Hitman series. Well, not the game, per se, more like the game's poster and promotional artwork.

It can be found on the website of Great Graphics, a design firm that's worked with Square Enix - the series' new publisher - before, on the upcoming Kane & Lynch 2.

Both these posters show a burning Hitman logo, the branding of publishers Eidos and Square Enix and, most importantly, that of long-time series developers IO Interactive. One also has 2011 stamped on it. Seems to suggest a 2011 release for the next God of War Hitman game, but since they're listed as poster concepts on the company's page, and not the final product, don't go holding them to that just yet.

[via NeoGAF]


    Starring Vin Diesel?


      Can't wait for this game! One of my fave series :D

      timothy olyphant

        The poster for the game genius, not the movie.

    Can you imagine a God of War Hitman game?
    Mission 6: Carefully sneak into that embassy past 3 police cordons then slaughter everyone inside and raze the building to the ground.
    He could have shotguns attached to chains on his wrists.

      That would DEFINITELY be Vin Diesel.

    This makes me really really happy. Love the Hitman series. Blood Money was awesome!


    Hope it turns out better and more faithful to the series than what Conviction turned out to be.

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