NHL 11 Soundtrack Is Full Of Hockey Hair Hits

EA Sports promised a list of "classic arena anthems" for its NHL offerings and one in particular makes it mission freaking accomplished on that score: The Final Countdown, by Europe, part of both NHL 11 and NHL Slapshot's soundtracks.

Pantera and Megadeth also give the game an arena-rock edge, appearing by request of their fans. Those two won't be in Slapshot, though just because it's on the Wii with a peewees-to-pros career mode, doesn't mean its kidstuff. They'll still get the likes of Danko Jones and the Black Keys.

One other thing, there's a preorder bonus for the game if you get it through GameStop, in the US or in Canada. You get the 20th Anniversary Bauer Boost Pack, which gives you a Bauer-branded stick, gloves and skates. No word on how that boosts you exactly. I'd be surprised if it was much more than cosmetic.

Here are the soundtracks:

In NHL 11 • In Whispers - Here I Stand • Airbourne - Bottom Of The Well - No Guts. No Glory. • Bullet For My Valentine - Your Betrayal - Fever • Megadeth - Dialectic Chaos - Endgame • Pantera - Walk - Vulgar Display Of Power

In NHL 11 and NHL Slapshot • Danko Jones - Full of Regret - Below The Belt • 2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone - Get Ready! • Black Box - Strike It Up - Dreamland • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Mama Taught Me Better - Beat The Devil's Tattoo • Bouncing Souls - ¡Olé! - Hopeless Romantic • Darude - Sandstorm - Before The Storm • Dropkick Murphys - Shipping Up To Boston (Live) - Live On Lansdowne, Boston MA • Europe - The Final Countdown - The Final Countdown • Foxy Shazam - Unstoppable - Foxy Shazam • Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones • The Black Keys - Howlin' For You - Brothers


    Bouncing Souls – ¡Olé! – Hopeless Romantic
    Dropkick Murphys – Shipping Up To Boston
    love that ice hockey games still chuuck in some amazing punk rock... reminds me when the great game rock the rink included 3 or so hanson brothers songs... greatest puck rock band ever!

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