NHL 2K11's Winnebago Is Equipped With Boom Room

This is a promotional vid for a Vancouver-to-New York tour of NHL 2K11, but it gives a good look at the motion control upgrades for this year's game - including a nifty puck-juggling mechanic that is certain to be abused.

Cover athlete Ryan Kesler - you might remember him from the Americans' silver medal performance at the Olympic Winter Games - introduces us to his luxury ride, including a tour of a master bedroom and video that lingers a little too long on that shower. He and the LA Kings' Jack Johnson then demonstrate the game, with some well played trashtalk.

NHL 2K11 is a Wii-only title this year as 2K puts its 360 and PS3 versions on a one-year hiatus, to come back in better shape for 2011. 2K's also seen some strong uptake with this version of the game in Canada, This year it'll face competition from NHL Slapshot by EA Sports, which looks to be a singleplayer-mode tour of hockey's ranks, from peewees up through the pros. 2K11, by contrast, is a full-on team simulation at the core, with some more casual minigame modes for family audiences or younger players.


    I wonder if they'll be able to register their EA Online Pass to play??? A lot of EA Tiger Woods 2011 customers can't !

    Note to Sony and EA, if you're going to implement a once off pass system for online play make sure it works and is bug free before release you idiots!!!

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