Nine More Tracks Confirmed For Rock Band, Dance Central

Harmonix, as promised, yesterday rolled out a list of six new songs for Rock Band 3 and three for the upcoming Kinect game Dance Central.

The tracks are, for Rock Band 3:

• "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" (Tears for Fears)

• "Rock Lobster" (The B-52s)

• "Foolin'" (Def Leppard)

• "Beautiful People" (Marilyn Manson)

• "Hey Man, Nice Shot" (Filter)

• "Cold as Ice" (Foreigner)

and for Dance Central:

• "Drop it Like it's Hot" (Snoop Dogg)

• "Push It" (Salt N' Pepa)

• "Bust a Move" (Young MC)

Harmonix Plays Up Rock Band 3, Dance Central [GameSpot]


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