Nintendo Believes The 3DS Can Stop Piracy

Earlier models of the Nintendo DS are awash in a sea of pirated games. The upcoming 3DS? It might be a tougher nut to crack.

That's according to THQ, anyways, whose executive VP of global publishing Ian Curran told CVG, "What excites me even more [than 3DS games]is that there's technology built in that device to really combat piracy".

"The problem with the DS market in the last few years, particularly with the DS Lite, is that it's just been attacked by piracy. It's made it almost impossible to shift any significant volume. The DSi combated it a little bit, but the 3DS has taken that a step further."

"I actually asked Nintendo to explain the technology and they said it's very difficult to do so because it's so sophisticated," he adds. "They combated the piracy on DSi, which they don't believe is cracked yet - but they know they've been hurt across the world and they believe the 3DS has got technology that can stop that."

Take it with a grain of salt, since pirates haven't even had a shot at the system yet, but it's not often you see a man that excited by anti-piracy measures.

3DS fixes Nintendo's piracy problem - THQ [CVG]


    The only problem is that there are unbelievably brilliant people who don't mind taking up a challenge - so I give it a year and a half tops

    When Nintendo stopped selling old games at full price (eg. Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart DS, etc), that's when piracy will slow down.... because games will become more affortable, so less people will take the trouble to pirate.

    Lol i have 3 words for nintendo. Bring It ON!!!

    i have a DSlite and im not even playing it anymore. im actually just on the laptop playing facebook games and not spending any money on cash shop items either.

    the reason why you cant 'shift significant volume' is because your games suck.

    I reckon they can do it... The dsi features of games have not been cracked yet and if they further improved that they could be unstoppable >=]

    “I actually asked Nintendo to explain the technology and they said it’s very difficult to do so because it’s so sophisticated,” he adds.

    calls on BS, technology is probably already on market, they dont want to give hackers and pirates a head start.

    as for anti-piracy, their new HDD installs would most liely be cracked within months of release

      Why do you think nintendo are pushing 'cosistant online' features even when the device is asleep, it'll contantly talk to other DSs and look for open wifi connections and update its firmware automatically.

    "They combated the piracy on DSi, which they don’t believe is cracked yet"

    Really? Man I could of sworn I had downloaded games on my DSi.

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