Nintendo Doing XL Sales In Weekly Japanese Console War

Just like last week, the cheaper, re-coloured Nintendo DSi XL is killing it in the sales department, enjoying a comfortable lead against the PlayStation and Xbox competition.

The Nintendo DS family benefited from more than just a recent price cut. Strong sales of games like Love Plus+ and Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story also probably pushed a lot of those new handhelds. The same for the Xbox 360, which saw about an 800 per cent increase, thanks to Monster Hunter Frontier.

According to Media Create, these are the bestselling consoles and handhelds in Japan for the week of June 21 to June 27.

  • Nintendo DSi LL - 41,676
  • PSP - 23,257
  • PlayStation 3 - 19,578
  • Wii - 19,115
  • Xbox 360 - 17,370
  • Nintendo DSi - 17,306
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 5209
  • PlayStation 2 - 1530
  • PSP go - 845


    PSP - 23,257

    PSPGO - 845.... Ouch

    Even the Japanese don't want it... and they fricken LOVE Sony...

    Wow. Props to Xbox for coming close with the PSs!

      If only they released a new Monster Hunter game every week...

      Actually, it feels like they DO :P Just not that many on 360, I guess.

    The thing is, the Xbox is doing so well without Japan buying their product that MS could pretty much go without even trying anymore.

    It would be good for them to have more success int hat region and I do believe MS should give more support there with developers or even first-party titles and set up a Japanese development studio there for MS Game Studios (if they don't already which I highly doubt). The Japanese need more variety, its there for them, they just don't get pushed enough to warm up to it.

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