Nintendo Financials Show Big Losses, 2011 Zelda And Games Sales Figures

Nintendo today released its financial results for the period April-June 2010, and amidst all the boring stuff are some points of genuine interest.

Money Comes, Money Goes First up, Nintendo continues to see a massive decline in both net sales and operating income, the former down 25% from the same point last year, the latter down 45%. You may think this is down to a decline in Wii sales, but it's not; instead, Wii sales actually increased, but dips in DS sales, as well as software for both the DS and Wii, accounted for the decline.

Sales Figures The big sellers for the quarter were (all figures are worldwide:

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 4 million

Wii Sports Resort - 3 million

Wii Sports - 2.7 million

Wii Fit Plus - 1.8 million

Pokemon heartgold/Soulsilver - 1.7 million

New Super Mario Bros. Wii - 1.1 million

That final figure is interesting; many of Nintendo's first-party titles have tended to enjoy a "long tail", selling strongly many months and even years after release. It's strange to see New Super Mario Bros. Wii slip so quickly compared to earlier titles like Mario Kart.

Release Dates You can never take anything to the bank from the release schedules in Nintendo's financial results, because they're never intended to be truly authoritative, but there are still some interesting points of note.

- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which we already figured was coming in 2011 in the West, is listed as "TBA" in Japan (and "2011" for both North America & Europe). Could Nintendo be trying for a Christmas launch for the game in its home territory?

- The Last Story, an RPG from Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy, is listed as "2010" for Japan but is not listed for a Western release, suggesting any such version would be a 2011 title.

- Monado: Beginning of the World: Are you ever coming out? Because you're still listed as "TBA".


    I would expect substantial price drops on current DS models soon to boost the rapidly declining portable hardware & software revenue stream and to maintain portable market share and mind share until 3DS hits shelves (guessing japan in time for their new year holidays and possibly US & Europe same time or within a month or two -certainly before the end of march 2011).

    I think Nintendo is the one company that piracy is hitting hard, hacking the 360 takes quite a bit of knowledge and the games are massive if people want to download them, the PS3 hasn't been effectively hacked, but the DS is absolutely hammered by the R4 cards and the small size of the games making downloading and 'sharing' far too easy. Ask any kid with a DS and they know what an R4pro is, or they have one or their friends do, it really is rampant.

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