Nintendo To Crown Australia’s Coin-Collecting Champ

The finals of Nintendo's New Super Mario Bros. Wii Coin Challenge take place in Sydney today. Come down and watch Australia's finest platform-jumpers in action.

The Nintendo Connection Tour has been traipsing around the country showcasing a bunch of Wii and DS gear. Part of this was the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Coin Challenge where players "could compete in the Individual or Tag Team battles to collect the highest number of coins in a series of courses."

The finalists have been rounded up and will compete from 11.30am at The Mint, 10 Macquarie St, in Sydney later this morning. For those city workers taking a late lunch, the grand final will be held at 1.30pm.

There's a worthy prize on offer, too, with the Individual and Team winners each scoring a return trip to New York plus a grand to splurge at the Nintendo World Store in Times Square.


    robeson is going to win!

    I'm gonna assume that the level with the infinite coins glitch is not included in the course.

    I was there, it was awesome! Andrew and Sandra from N.S.W won the Doubles, and a WA brother won the singles. Wayne was it? Not sure.

      Yeah, the Dare siblings took out teams. Brendan aka Shadowlizard took out the singles.

      Was a great day, thanks Nintendo! :D

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