Nintendo Won't Change The 3DS' Appearance Before Release

When Nintendo first unveiled the 3DS, we were told that the design shown wasn't final. Turns out that, yeah, it was pretty final.

Unlike the DS, which went through a fairly radical redesign between first being shown off and hitting retail shelves, according to Nintendo the appearance of the 3DS will remain largely unchanged between now and the handheld's release.

Asked by Wired whether the 3DS's outer appearance could change between now and whenever it's actually released, Nintendo's Hideki Konno replied, "You can take this as the final shape".

That's not to say there couldn't be a slight nip and tuck here or there - or that there won't be changes made under the hood - but it sounds like the current design of the 3DS is, by and large, how things will stay. At least until Nintendo releases a 3DS Micro, 3DS XL or 3DS Lite.

Nintendo 3DS Idea Man Pulls Back Curtain on Handheld's Capabilities [Wired]


    How is lefty going to hold the 3DS and stylus at the same time?

    With the current DS, you can still map the ABXY with the direction buttons, but this is impossible to do with 3DS's analog.

      Apparently we don't count as real people/gamers.

      I know a certain handheld that I won't be buying!

    Well if the 3ds games are anything like the ds games the stylus really wont be needed

      Except when you get to games that require aiming.

        one would think thats what the analog is used for

    it needs a second thumb stick

    Maybe us lefties will have to move with the xyab and aim with the analog or something like that...

    it's still a major design floor that Nintendo should have prevented.

    I thought Nintendo would have picked this problem up, isn't Miyamoto a lefty? Unless he is a fake one

    i just picturing how im going to be able too, u could use ur index finger curled on the button??

    Black top, coloured bottom...


    They better have a Thumb Pad included with this again.

    Still got no idea why they didn't continue with it after the Phat, imo the ONLY way to play Hunters.

    well it was only in recent times that lefties were considered as normal people, but that is, only considered

    Just because you are left handed doesn't mean your right hand does not work.

      Draw a small picture of a pony with your dominant hand. Now do it with your other hand. See the difference? The hand can work fine, but fine motor function is another matter entirely. You need to "learn" how and it can take years to learn a skill "backwards".

      That said, as a Lefty, I don't think it will be too much of an issue. Time will tell, but the number of games that will cause major problems like this will be few and far between.

    2nd thumb stick = stylus

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