Nostalgia: Grand Theft Auto Blamed For Failed Teen Firebombing

Nostalgia: Grand Theft Auto Blamed For Failed Teen Firebombing

“They appear to have crossed the line from virtual reality to reality,” said Police Chief Lou Pachec of the two teens who allegedly threw Molotov cocktails at an apartment building in Raynham, Massachusetts over the weekend.

It’s been so long since we’ve had a good case of teen vandalism blamed on Grand Theft Auto that my normal outrage over such a story has been replaced with a wistful nostalgia for days gone by.

Two teens, one 16 and one 12, claim to have been playing Grand Theft Auto on Saturday night when the idea of creating Molotov cocktails out of root beer and beer bottles, placing them outside of the garages of an apartment complex at 639 King Philip Street in the early morning hours.

Yes, that’s right. Placing them. Police received a call from a concerned citizen who claimed to see two Molotov cocktails burning outside of the garages. When the police arrived on the scene a third cocktail was found, lying on the ground with its wick burning.

See, Molotov cocktails are meant to be thrown, spreading the flammable liquid – in this case gasoline in a can stolen off a landscaping truck – all over the place. Lighting them and just setting them down just nets you really dangerous tiki torches.

The two boys were apprehended and admitted to creating the Molotov’s, with the younger of the two telling police they had gotten the idea from Grand Theft Auto.


During their crime spree the kids also sprayed graffiti about the neighbourhood.

The duo were arraigned in juvenile court today, and face charges of possession of an explosive device and attempted arson.

And once again, just because it feels good:

“They appear to have crossed the line from virtual reality to reality,” Police Chief Lou Pacheco said.

Good times.

Police: Raynham youths try to set fire to garage, apartment [Enterprise News via G4]


  • I call BS, because in GTA:SA, you explicitly *throw* the Molotovs through another gang’s windows.

    The grafitti though, yeah that’s possible…covering the other gang’s tags…

    • Oh yeah. I totally remember the lamp minigame in gta. Totally made me wana make lamps.
      Secondly if I was going to blame it on anything I would say I saw it on tv during the g20 riots.

  • What’s the bet they didn’t really get the idea from GTA, but instead decided to blame the games in the hope of getting away with their stupidity? I’m sure games would’ve been blamed regardless of whether or not they said anything about GTA…

  • This is crap… GTA games are based on real life, not the other way around. RockStar Games did not create graffiti or molotovs!!! About time people took responsibility for their actions; and their spawns actions. Bad as blaming the “Columbine massacre” on Quake and Marilyn Manson!!

  • yeah! shame on you Rockstar! you should have rated your game “Mature 17+” so it would have been illegal for this 16 and 12 year old to be playing it!! oh wait…

    maybe this is why Rockstar was recently crying out about how the rating systems suck and aren’t enforced properly.

    Of course here in aus, it would have been legal for the 16 year old to be playing it, where as if we had an R rating, it would have been rated R and illegal for the 16 year old to play it… and yet some how the morons at the Australian Christian Lobby think that LACK of an R rating is PROTECTING kids…

  • The only people to be affected by violent video games are the ones who are already messed up in the head.

    Also, kids will be just mad after losing Wii tenis as they are after dieing in GTA.

  • Funny years ago back in the early 80’s my elder brothers accidently made a bomb. They where trying to make a rocket car, they got the idea from a TV show where the host filled pen lids with gun powder and attached them to paper planes to make jets.

    More Gunpowder and a Lego car ended up being a rather large explosion. As to where the gunpower came from, they got it out of legal (at the time) fireworks.

    And nobody blamed video games, TV, Rock Music, Science, Comic books, Terrorists, Doom or GTA. It was accounted to kids being kids and stupid. Now days it’s they can’t tell reality from fiction. I find that a little hard to beleive. Seriously at 16 you blur a Video game with real life? Maybe at 6 you would.

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