Not So Fast My Friends: Lee Corso's Not Done With NCAA Football

In last week's impressions of the NCAA Football 11 demo, we reported that EA Sports and the game's longtime analyst Lee Corso had mutually parted ways for this year's game. That's not the case.

Corso, 74, is not a part of the booth team in NCAA Football 11's PS3 or Xbox 360 versions. But he has in fact renewed his contract with the studio, and still reprises his role in the PS2 version. Corso also appears in the game's new iPhone version, and his voice will still be heard in parts of the Xbox 360 and PS3 version, such as some Dynasty features.

We've been told that while Corso is a fixture in ESPN's College GameDay studio show, he hasn't called a live game in years, so his retirement from the NCAA Football booth squad was made for reasons of realism. That said, Corso remains one of the traditional voices of college football for many fans, and EA Sports wanted to preserve that association in its game too.

This year's announcing team of Brad Nessler and Kirk Herbstreit are in their 10th year of calling the virtual action, and are joined by sideline reporter Erin Andrews. Corso had been in the booth with Nessler and Herbstreit since all three began with the series back in NCAA Football 2002 on the PlayStation 2.


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