Now Why Would Somebody At Sega Want To See Your Facebook Profile?

Yesterday, select Facebook data from over 100 million accounts turned up on a 2.8GB torrent file. It may shock you to know that employees at companies like Sega and Lucasfilm were interested in downloading said information.

Before you become alarmed, the data wasn't a "leak"; all the information was pulled from publicly-available sections of profiles, so you won't find anything listed that you wouldn't find by performing a regular Facebook search.

Still, some people may have accidentally had stuff in the open they wouldn't have wanted. And even then, the information is still valuable to plenty of people; presumably those in the marketing teams of a long list of people downloading the torrent over the past 24 hours, which reveals the origin (via IP) of employees from companies as diverse as Apple, Boeing, Halliburton, IBM, Levi, Pepsi and Xerox.

Or, for companies a little closer to home, there were downloads in offices belonging to Sega, Disney, Sony, Lucasfilm, Viacom and Nvidia.

This doesn't confirm the companies were officially trawling for information at the behest of boards or executives. It just means people who work for those companies were, while at their office, accessing the data. In some cases, then, it may have been out of idle speculation, but yeah, you can bet there'd be plenty more copies being downloaded that were being used to study how to sell you things better.

Major Corporations Are Downloading Those 100 Million Facebook Profiles off BitTorrent [Gizmodo]


    You'd think they'd only download a file like that for corporate use. You'd also think they'd use a proxy...


    Frankly, I'm more interested in who put the torrent up then who's downloading it.

      Ron Bowes, a hacker from Skull Security used a crawler to grab information off public prfiles.

      i knew this was going to happen eventually and look how easier it was. i think i'll take a look at it and see if any of my friends or myself are on there and warn them they should consider privatizing material. I dont think this was an attempt to sell info to companies, but an eye opener on how many people are vulnerable, how easy it is, and how this sort of information can be sold of to those big companies and you wouldnt even know a thing.

    It was the head of facebook security, once again facebook stuff's up.

    Yet another reason why I refuse to have a Facebook account.

    Just another reason why I closed my account over a year ago.
    I never really wanted to get a facebook acct, then was coerced into getting one, then after the thousandth random tried to add me just to make it look like they have more "friends", I pulled the pin.
    Such a waste of time.

    Assuming the IP addresses are correct, then it still probably only means that somebody is downloading the files from inside the companies coorporate network - not that the company itself is endorsing it.

    I'm sure lots of people here have downloaded/browsed stuff on their coorporate network that the company itself wouldn't be approving of if they knew!

    (read whole article first, THEN comment!) feel free to delete the comment :-)

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