Now You Really Can Drink Like A Murloc

Drink mead, World of Warcraft fans? If you don't, you may want to start, then start drinking from one of these.

It's a new entry in Taverncraft's line of steins and tankards (they've done Warhammer Online ones previously), and rather than go the dignified route and emblazon it with heraldry and heroic deeds, they've slapped some murlocs on the front and a rather fetching solid pewter murloc on the lid.

Those after something a little less fishy can instead opt for one of the other new WoW offerings: the "Alliance United" or "Blood of the Horde" releases, which aside from looking a little more serious also have fancier expensive variants, where the pewter lid is replaced by one with a lining made from 18k gold.


    They really should of gone the route of using the flags/heraldry for each group of factions (Horde banner/Troll banner/Tauren banner, etc).
    Those pictures, while pretty good, are not good enough to be plastered on a mug that may have gold involved.

    I have to say those are possibly the most gaudy, ugly and overdone beverage containers I have ever laid eyes on.
    Metal and stone and heraldry in minimal colors would have made something more worthy. Unless you are a 13 year old with rich parents I guess.

      Or you are crazy addicted to a life force consuming computer game that is already plugged into your bank account.

    Its alliance vs horde vs.... murlocs..

    this is so garish. That said, there will be a meeeeellion fools willing to part with cash when these come out:)

    This is kitschy. I play wow pretty full-on and wouldn't want to get caught dead with one of these.

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