Nvidia Launches New "Affordable" Graphics Card

And by "affordable", they don't mean "cheap piece of crap". They mean (or at least claim) "bang for your buck" for the serious gamer on a budget.

Nvidia today took the wraps off the GeForce GTX 460, designed to be the the first real mass-market card built to support DirectX 11. Priced at $US199, Nvidia reckon that the GTX 460 is in some areas (like tesselation, a new DX11 feature) up to four times faster than equivalent ATI cards.

Early benchmarks suggest it comes close in performance to a range of more expensive cards, though whether it comes close enough to make it a more worthwhile purchase for the thrifty consumer than, say, the cheaper ATI Radeon HD 5770 (at $US150) is up in the air.

Still, it's always nice when previously unaffordable (for the masses) tech becomes... slightly less unaffordable, so if you're in the market for something to run DirectX 11 and couldn't quite justify spending $US300+ on a card, this might be something to look into.


    Meh?? It took them how long to get there "affordable" card out and ATi's has been around for how long? /shakes head.

    I bought my budget DX11 cards for my other systems a few months back.

    already got a 5770. dont know whether to get a 5850 or a second 5770 when i get a new motherboard with crossfire/sli.

      get a second one, cheaper.

        I'm looking to build a new rig and am asking this same question. I used to prefer Nvidia's but these days the Radeon's seem a lot better for a cheaper price.

        Not sure if I should get a 5850 off the bat, or a crossfire ready mobo with a 5770 and get a second one sometime in the future. Maybe I should get a crossfire mobo and a 5850, then one day get a second one of them when they're cheap.
        Though I'm a little bit lost with the different types of PCIe slots.

    I just purchased a Radeon HD5850 today. I'm quite excited.

    I bought a top notch Nvidia card and it fucked up all my shadows and textures. They havn't even fixed it with drivers yet. It can't even run Duke Nukem HRP without screwing up.

    I'm buying from ATI next time :|

    Got myself the 5870 just 3 months back. ATI guys know their stuff, -Nvidia still cool just expensive is all. Hell I wanted the 480 when it came out.

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