OK, This Is What NHL Slapshot's All About

NHL Slapshot, EA Sports' upcoming hockey title on the Wii, was one of a few sports games I got no hands-on time with at E3. So I missed the boat regarding its core offerings. This video spells it all out.

For starters, this is in fact full simulation hockey. The feature that has gotten the most copy so far is its peewee-to-pro career mode, which places you either in the role of lil' Wayne Gretzky or your own created player, growing up in youth hockey and eventually going professional. You go through four stages of development.

The Great One's gotten a ton of eyeballs, but the game does offer a season simulation or straight-to-playoffs mode with every NHL team. There are minigames as well. Gluing it all together is the hockey stick Wiimote peripheral included with the game.

So: Slapshot, readers; readers, Slapshot. That's a full and proper introduction.


    As a strong hockey fan... I am drooling over this, but it could be bad... very bad. Hope not though.

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