Okami Merchandise Reaches Its Ultimate, Cuddly Conclusion

For all the magic, combat and cleavage that features in Capcom's Okami games, there's always a white elephant in the room: the dogs are cute, and they are cuddly.

Whether that be Okami's adult wolf or upcoming DS title Okamiden's pup, you don't feel like high-fiving your hero at the end of a battle. You feel like giving them a big hug. And that's something you can do with this new plush from Capcom!

It's based on Okamiden's junior star, is an impressive 45cm long, and will be out in Japan in October for just under $US60.

イーカプコン限定! "チビテラス ぬいぐるみ抱き枕"の発売が決定 [Famitsu]


    Goddamn it! I won't be here anymore in October!

    This was going to be a present to my baby nephew.

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