Okamiden, Sengoku Basara, Ghost Trick In Motion

Capcom isn't just about fighting games, they also make some delightfully quirky Wii and DS titles. Take for instance Wii Samurai hack-and-slash Sengoku Basara, and DS games Okamiden and Ghost Trick.

I'm not a fan of Sengoku Basara, but I love Okamiden's portable take on Okami and the clever design and look of Ghost Trick.

Here's a batch of trailers for you to peruse straight from Comic-Con. What do you think?


    i loved ookami for the ps2 and ookami den is just going to be amazing

    Dear god the dub for Basara is horrid. Looks like i'll be importing the jap version unless they have dual audio

    Really looking forward to the return of Okami in any form. Can't wait for the game's Australia release. I'm just glad I've seen confirmation of it in English.

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