Okami's DS Sibling Goes Overboard With Its Collector's Edition

For such a revered game, Okami shipped on PS2 and Wii with little fanfare. There was no fancy, expensive edition shipping with a set of paintbrushes and an authentic wolf's skin. Okamiden is looking to make amends!

The DS successor to the PS2/Wii classic will in Japan ship in this collector's edition, which for a humble little DS game is extravagant. It includes a copy of the game, enormous box, a soundtrack, DVD, storybook (incuding illustrations), plush figure and adorable little earphones. Those ordering it from Capcom's online store in Japan will also get a celestial brush stylus to go with it.

How much will all this cost? ¥8000, which is around USD$90. Okamiden will be out in Japan on September 30, while over here, it's not out until 2011.


    That is one of the most fitting CE's I've seen for a while.

    That plush and the earphones are ADORABLE! I hope we get something like it when it gets here!

    *Really REALLY wants this*

    I so want this. It looks so cute!!

    That is easily one of the greatest collectors editions i have seen for a long long time!

    The plushy alone is worth it!! :D

    This must be the most collectible edition I've seen since the SCII CE, and before that, possibly the original neverwinter nights CE.
    I'm going to cross my fingers now and pray it comes to Australia.

    Yes please.

    Those earphones, that plushie!

    ! MUST HAVE !

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