One Day This Wooden NES Will Be A Real Little Boy

Hand-carved wooden NES (and flatscreen) sculpture, listed for $US650 on eBay, minimum bid $US250, received zero bids. Poor wooden NES. He's also got swapped A and B, and Select and Start buttons. [Seen via Hot Blooded Gaming]


    if it worked, I'd be all over this bad boy... but alas, I have lots of useless wood at my house already

    But it's "completely made almost entirely out of wood"!

      just like all of my posts are made almost entirely out of substance! :P

      it's a hefty price for a chunk of wood, that's for sure - especially considering how basic some elements of it look.. the controller is especially terrible..

      Imagine the fire hazard of an actual working version, though! lol

    Whoever made it must be raging.

    maybe if it was a case for the nes or had the nes inside and worked like the Nintoaster

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