One Million PlayStation Minis Sold

More than one million PlayStation minis have been downloaded worldwide since Sony launched the bite-sized game line for the PlayStation 3 and PSP nine months ago. Which minis have sold the most? More importantly, which have you purchased?

Sony introduced the PlayStation minis program during GamesCom 2009. The smaller, easily downloadable titles were perfect for the PSP Go, which seemed like a halfway viable product at the time, while the bargain price seemed to line up the minis to compete with the success of iPhone gaming apps.

It's been nine months since the program launched, and Sony is celebrating the one million minis sold milestone today, with a list of the most downloaded games in the programs brief history.

Here they are, in order:

1. Age of Zombies 2. Monopoly 3. Fieldrunners 4. Zombie Tycoon 5. Bloons 6. Spot The Differences! 7. Pinball Fantasies 8. Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 9. Yetisports Pengu Throw 10. Breakquest

Looking over the list, I don't see a single game that I've played. In fact, I've only downloaded one mini since the program launched, and I can't remember which one it was. Sad, yes?

Still, Pacman Championship Edition is still on the way, so there's at least one mini I plan on picking up in the (hopefully) near future.

So how about you folks? How many of that one million can you claim?

PlayStation minis: Over 1 Million Served [PlayStation Blog]


    I recommend that people play Age of Zombies. It is good zombie killing fun, with awesome one liners. You'll love it.

    I haven't really been impressed by the minis I've bought so far except for Brainpipe and Blast off.
    I may need to splash out and get some that aren't cheap or on sale.

    I only have one and it's age of zombies, Its heaps funny and definitely worth it, its only 21mb too!

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