One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

Page from the latest Kmart catalogue, as seen on Ecogamer.

[Thank blahjedi and Chuloopa for the tip!]


    I'm not sure whether i should be more surprised by the mega drive or StarCraft 2 being only 25 bucks more expensive...

    Wow, did anyone know this was coming?

      Saw it last year in Taiwan, didnt think we'd get it!

    Holy crap that's a great way to replace my broken megadrive controllers (and have a megadrive that can run on AV cables)

    also like to add:

    "It can play old cartridges, and it has the following games built-in...

    Alien Storm
    Altered Beast
    Gain Ground
    Alex Kidd
    Arrow Flash
    Columns Crack Down
    Sonic & Knuckles
    Bonanza Bros
    Eswat - City Under Siege
    Golden Axe
    Fatal Labyrinth
    Decap Attack
    Shadow Dancer"

    Nice! I can finally replace my megadrive that my brother sold for weed (or sex)! Looks like it can play cartridges as well as having built in games.

    Sweet! 29 bucks each for the Singstar games! Woohoo!

      26 bucks even...

      Damn that kinda ruined that joke, didn't it?

    yeah starcraft totally runs on the mega drive guys

    The Wiggles game? :/

    Are they seriously re-releasing this, or is it just a mistake? Cause I'd get one just cause I never had one as a kid.

    Is that real? and does it take carts?

      yes and yes - or so i'm told

    I spotted the new megadrive on play-asia ages ago, looks like it finally got a local release. I never bothered with it before because I didn't want to mess around with getting a local power adaptor/converter for it.

    Looks like the unit Blaze released in the UK last year. I wonder if it can run games at full speed 60hz....

    I've checked some online reviews for this. It runs the built in games well. Carts is hit and miss. Some people are claiming basically no carts work, others that all carts work, with minor sound or graphic issues on a few games. Would be interesting to get, but I'm not sure if I could justify $49 for it. A genuine NES on the other hand. :)

    That is really, really cool. I wonder how it'd look on a HDTV?

    I hope Nintendo do something like this...

      With the Virtual Console already in place? Not likely

    Why can you even buy this?
    What's next.. Virtual Boy?

    For shame...

      You are not honestly comparing the Sega Mega Drive, one of the greatest gaming systems of all time with some of the best games of all time to the Virtual Boy are you? Because if you are your

      U mad?
      Whats so bad about doing this exactly? Just because its old doesn't mean they shouldn't do this.

      Go back to your Modern warfare 2.

    Hopefully they will release heaps of cartridges, I am positively salivating thinking of all the old games I used to play.

    Wish Nintnedo would do this with the SNES or NES

    Uhh... SEGA megadrive collection or sonic's ultimate genesis collection for PS3 and xbox 360 for 10 - 23$. Included 42 games trophy/achievement support and Upscaling. DERP

    does it come with a HDMI cable?!

    Saw this days ago and was kind of surprised.
    I already have a Mega Drive 2/Mega CD/32x though. Also, I've heard these things have problems reading some (or the majority) of game carts. Most of the Play Asia reviewers of it were not happy.

    Sega Mega Drive Collection is $15 less than this for up to 40 games, including most of these.
    Havta use you own existing X360/Ps3 controllers tho, sorry...

    suspecting a shoop.

      If you are suggesting that this is shopped... its NOT. I got the catalogue in the mail last night... I actually think this is a erally good idea.

      Thank about it and think about the starcraft hype.

      Most of us remember gaming fondly and many would like to revisit the simplicity of these old games (we now have less fingers than buttons on our cmtrollers).

      Cost of the rights to manufacture and distribute this (next to nothing as it is 20 years old)
      cost of hardware (by comparison to todays tech, these machines could prob be made for a buck or so
      Cost of games - zero (licensing aside.) no development teams, release cycles, online support etc, fixed costs only adn all of the work is done.

      You farm this off to a chineese/taiwaneese factory, pump out the product and then sell at a crazy low price point. older retro gamers pick it up cause it is half the cost of one game.

      Parents with young kids (emphasise young) pick it up cause it is crazy cheap and almost disposable at that price before getting a 400 buck wii.

      I think if tis works, there is no reason why the would not encourage nintendo to do the same.... I will be watching this closely.

      It will not change the gaming industry or anything, but it is an interesting experiment

    I've heard the sound chip has errors with things out of pitch, I'd like to see it for myself.

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