Own A Piece Of The Worst Mario Movie Ever Made

I know Super Mario Brothers was also kinda the only Mario movie ever made, but I suspect it can retain its title as the worst one no matter how many future movies based on Nintendo games come down the pipeline.

And now you can own a piece of it, if you believe Craigslist!

These oddly-shaped red chairs and blue table aren't the most exciting piece of a Nintendo movie, but according to the Craigslist seller they were used as a prop in the movie. Only 35 of these stainless steel eye sores were made, according to the seller and he's only asking $US1500. Yes, really, 1500 in US monies, not yen.

Check out this painfully good video for for a chair cameo.

ONE OF A KIND Steel Table and Stools(3) from Mario Brothers Movie - $US1500 (Pasadena) [Craigslist, thanks Nathan]


    I saw that movie as a kid and actually liked it. I still like it now years later. Given the source material I think they did a good job. I mean how hard would it be to make a good movie about a plumber who fights dinosaurs to rescues the princess of a kingdom of mushrooms? Also keep in mind there were only a few Mario games out when it was made to base it on. If they made a Mario movie now they could put him in any type of movie with an type of setting they want just as Nintendo has done to him with games.

      Really, what do people want? An hour of a comical stereotype jumping on things? It's not like Mario ever had much of a plot back then to begin with.

      Ditto. I love that movie. I wish those movie Goombas would show up in an actual game haha. And Dennis Hopper as Bowser, brilliant.

      Agreed +1.

      Being the only Mario movie, it also happens to be the best Mario movie ever made :P

      Wouldn't mind these (if genuine), they'd be an interesting piece to have around at the very least. And something not too many others would have.

    I also saw this as a kid. I rented it on VHS and watched it constantly until I had to return it. I think I rented it again the following week. Maybe not a faithful adaptation but an enjoyable kids film.

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